Selected Projects
WOrk completed while with NREL

Pressurized Fluidized Bed

Design and fabrication of a test station to verify quantitative and qualitative particle fluidization properties in a pressurized environment. The station utilizes a pneumatic lift and screw feeding to achieve a flow-controlled two-phase transport loop. The solid media is filtered from the transport air by a combination of cyclonic separation and HEPA filtration to meet OSHA requirements. Particularly creative design solutions were required to achieve the hermetic vessel-in-vessel design which better-reflects industry practices.

Select Publications

Journal of Applied Thermal Engineering (2022): System and Component Development for Long-Duration Energy Storage using Particle Thermal Energy Storage (Link to DOI)

Journal of Solar Energy Eng. (2022): Preliminary Component Design and Cost Estimation of a Novel Electric-Thermal Energy Storage System Using Solid Particles (Link to DOI)

Frontiers in Energy Research (2020): Thermal Analysis of Insulation Design for a Thermal Energy Storage Silo Containment for Long-Duration Electricity Storage (Link to DOI)

Journal of Energy Storage (2019): Design Analysis of a Particle-Based Thermal Energy Storage System for Concentrating Solar Power or Grid Energy Storage (Link to DOI)

project patents

Particle-based Thermal Energy Storage Systems (Link to US 11,181,326 B2)

Electric Charging Particle Heater for Thermal Energy Storage (Link to US 11,631,992 B2)

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WOrk completed while with ETH ZURICH

Thermochemical Reactor Cavity

Design, fabrication, and installation of reticular porous ceramic (RPC) receiver reactor cavities for solar thermochemical synthesis gas generation at 1500°C. Synthesis gas (H2+CO) is liberated through two-step metal-oxide cycling, and further processed into liquid fuels (e.g., kerosene, gasoline) via the Fischer-Tropsch process. The receiver reactors are implemented in both solar dish and tower configurations.

Select Publications

Joule (2022): A Solar Tower Fuel Plant for the Thermochemical Production of Kerosene from H2O and CO2 (Link to DOI)

Journal of Solar Energy Eng. (2019): Heat Transfer Model of a 50 kW Solar Receiver–Reactor for Thermochemical Redox Cycling Using Cerium Dioxide (Link to DOI)

AIP Conference Proceedings (2019): Reticulated Porous Ceramic Ceria Structures with Modified Surface Geometry for Solar Thermochemical Splitting of Water and Carbon Dioxide (Link to DOI)

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